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“Created To Be Me”® is a tightly designed ecumenical camping program focused on spirituality and sexuality. It is presented by CLER- trained Keynote/Workshop Leaders under the governance of the Board of Directors of CLER Ministries. Maintaining the integrity of this program has been essential in ensuring a consistent experience year-to-year and place-to-place. In 2013, CLER conducted nine summer camps across the nation.

Camp Purpose

  • To provide soon-to-be ninth grade youth with factual and spiritual sexuality education that will help them view sexual intimacy as a gift from God intended for a loving lifelong committed relationship.
  •  To enlighten youth to the dangers, risks, and consequences that can occur when God’s gift of sexual intimacy is used outside of marriage.

Camp Format

Keynote Addresses

Campers receive a keynote address every morning focusing on the humanness of Jesus, God’s love, forgiveness, and plan for their lives; and our responsibility to walk with Jesus to free the oppressed in our world (sex trafficking)


Evening workshops on anatomy, puberty, sexual orientations, conception, abstinence, dating, peer-pressure, STIs, HIV, and contraception are presented.

Small Group Time/Worship

Campers attend small group sessions twice a day for discussion, related activities and fellowship. Youth participate in the evening worship services that reflect the theme of the day.


The usual fun camping activities like swimming, crafts, games, dance, and fellowship are all a part of this very special and unique camping experience.

      2016 Camp Dates

      June 12—June 16, 2016

      Camp Wakon’ Da-Ho-Yosemite, KY


      June 30 — July 6, 2016

      Tall Oaks Con. Ctr.-Linwood KS


      (Friday to Friday)

      June 19 — June 25, 2016

      Disciple Oaks—Gonzales, TX


      July 3 — July 9, 2016

      Bethany Hills-Kingston Springs, TN


      June 26 — July 2,  2016

      Disciples’ Crossing—Athens, TX


      July 24-July 30, 2016

      Bethany Beach, Delaware

      301-942-8266 –

      June 26 — July 2,  2016

      Camp Caroline-Arapahoe, NC


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