Congregational Programs

We offer many different
educational programs including:

Each of these programs is specifically tailored to meet the needs of a particular age group and is designed to:

  • Impart God’s original plan for creation in regard to human sexuality.
  • To teach the correct names and the functions of each part of the male and female reproductive anatomies.
  • To prepare children for changes that will take place in their bodies during adolescence.
  • To help parents establish rules for Internet usage and adolescent dating expectations.
  • To destroy myths that are perpetuated about human sexuality, alleviate fears, and impart truth about HIV/AIDS, and dangers of sexual abuse.
  • To provide children with an open and loving atmosphere in which to ask questions about their sexuality and related issues.
  • To enhance parent/child communication in the area of human sexuality and to provide information and resources to help parents be good sexuality educators for their children.

The youth workshops are designed to prepare children for adolescent changes. The boys’ workshop is 2-1/2 hours in length and the girls’ workshop is 3 hours long. Both workshops are designed for children in the fourth and fifth grade. Parents are in attendance with their child.

The high school and adult courses are in-depth studies about sexuality issues, dating, marriage, and relationships. The high school study consists of ten 2-hour sessions and the adult study is thirteen sessions. Most of these workshops are presented in a Sunday afternoon format.

All of the “Just Say Know ®” programs stress that sexual intimacy is a gift from God that is to be opened and enjoyed in a committed relationship.”

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